Pet Sitter With Love Testimonials

Dear Pet Owner:

I am writing this as a Letter of Reference for Laura Hughes, who has cared for my dog Rosie on several occasions throughout the past 3 years. My husband and I are avid travelers and unfortunately not able to take Rosie with us. Leaving her at a kennel was a horrible experience and left us feeling racked with guilt.
As luck would have it, I met Laura at work and discovered that she did pet sitting at her home. The first time we left Rosie with her it was only for a few days. When we arrived to pick her up, she was having so much fun that she didn’t seem to want to leave. We then started leaving her with Laura one, two, and up to 4 weeks at a time. You know your pet is treated well when you drop her off and she’s excited to see Laura and Dave, and their two dogs, Brandy and Domino.
Rosie always looks well cared for and in good health after staying with Laura. And as an added bonus, she is freshly bathed and clean smelling when I pick her up. You don’t get that kind of treatment at a kennel unless you pay dearly for it.
I highly recommend Laura and her home for your pet. You can trust they will be treated with love and kindness.

Katrina Kristiansen

I have a Min Pin named Diesel and it has been very difficult to find a pet sitter that would make him feel comfortable as he does not do well in a kennel. I had searched all of WPB for an at home pet sitter and they were either completely booked or way too expensive. Fortunately, I saw one of Laura Hughes flyers at work and decided to go with her. Needless to say, I definitely recommend Laura to all pet parents! She is a very caring and attentive person who loves dogs, having two poodles of her own. Her dogs made Diesel feel right at home; he was happy and relaxed when I came by to pick him up. I will definitely be using Laura’s pet sitting service in the future!

Melissa E
Thank you Laura!!!

I have 2 small dogs, a Chinese crested powder puff who is ver shy, timid and mostly blind and an Italian greyhound/King Charles mix. Laura has watched my dogs both in my home and then after she took such good care of my pets I trusted them to then stay at Laura’s home for 2.5 weeks over the Holidays! When I picked them up my timid one was very comfortable and happy. Laura has always taken great care of my pets and even more so I know
They are loved as well as just having their needs met. I will continue to use Laura’s services and highly recommend her to any other pet owner especially if they have a dog that needs extra care as Laura has been great with both of mine.

Emily S.

I own 5 cats and one is diabetic. I have left the diabetic one at the vet when I travel but it’s very expensive and I don’t think my cat is comfortable there and after I pick her up she hides for days. So I saw Laura’s flyer at work and decided to have her watch them in my home. Well, all my cats were much more comfortable and happy when I came back after using Laura. I don’t know how she did it but the litter box was clean and they still had clean water available to them. I will most definitely use Laura from now on and would recommend her highly for all pet parents. She’s a warm and loving type of person and you can tell how much she loves and cares for animals.

Sherril S.

I met Laura through work (an engineering firm) and we would talk about our pets regularly. I later heard she pet-sits and was eager to use her service. I dropped off our dog Susie at her house, and I got to meet her other dogs, who were very friendly and well cared for. Laura sent us some texts and pictures of the dogs playing together and such while we were out. When we got back in town we picked Susie up and we could tell she was tired from playing so much. A great experience all around, and I am hoping to use her service again this weekend!

Jake Papp